There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband

There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband

Tác giả:Emily Jenkins
Thể loại:Romance
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Chapter 531 No One Could Rest Unmoved

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Bạn đang đọc bộ truyện There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband của Emily Jenkins tại . Bộ truyện There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband thuộc thể loại (Romance) là Sự kết hợp độc đáo của tác giả Emily Jenkins, tạo nên một câu chuyện vô cũng hấp dẫn. Cùng theo dõi, đọc trọn bộ tiểu thuyết này tại đây.

Julian didn't dare to think further. He ignored Randolph with a gloomy face and hung up the phone.

He immediately called Emelia's phone, but no one answered.

Julian panicked. His hand holding the phone trembled slightly, but in the next second, he calmed down again.

Because at this moment, there was only one thought in his heart: no matter what Emelia encountered, he would not give up on her.

Maisie, who was standing on the side, noticed that something was wrong with him and immediately asked, "Mr. Hughes, what happened?"

Julian looked up at Maisie, who was shocked by his murderous look.

"Something happened to Emelia." Julian ordered calmly, "Contact David to find out where she is."

"Yes." Maisie immediately called David, while Julian rushed out with the car key.

He swore that if Randolph and Yvonne dared to hurt Emelia this time, he would make them suffer to death.

Emelia drove to the nearest shopping mall. As soon as she parked the car, something happened. Someone knocked on her neck from behind and she fainted.

She didn't know what happened next. When she woke up, she was in a hotel room.

She could clearly feel that something was wrong with her body. Her mouth and tongue were dry.

She tried her best to sit up, but she was too weak to lift her arms.

She could see that her bag was on the cabinet at the end of the bed. Her cell phone was inside the bag, but she could do nothing.

There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband novel

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There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband

There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband

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