hapter 3570

At this time, Olivia looked at the white swan-like Concorde, said with a bored expression, “The Wade family is really something, even this supersonic airliner they can still keep.”

William nodded, expression mixed with envy said: “As the world's fastest passenger aircraft, Concorde once retired, the major top families grabbed up, this aircraft retired but they can still continue to use.”

“There are a total of less than ten, the Ruthschild family has a total of three, all in the hands of the core family, we simply do not have the opportunity to experience, did not expect that the Wade family also has a....................................................................... ”

Olivia said with a black face, “I haven't been on this kind of supersonic airliner.”

William smacked his lips and said resentfully, “I've never been in one either, I heard that the Wade family has suffered heavy losses this time, I wonder if they are willing to sell this plane at a low price, if they are, I'll buy it!”

At this time, the plane had slowly pulled into the hangar, then the hatch opened, and Helena, accompanied by Charlie, walked down the spiral staircase.

Under the spiral staircase, Olivia looked at Helena with a cold smile on her face, seeing that only she and Charlie walked down the whole plane, Olivia frowned and asked, “Helena, where are your two attendants? Why didn't they come back with you?”

Helena's two entourage members were Olivia's people.

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