Chapter 270 Invitation

Pleasant surprise flashed across Hayley’s eyes, but she kept her tone cold as she said, “Got it. Report these things to me of your own accord next time. Don’t wait until I ask.”

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“Understood, Miss Seymour.” Daniel was extremely submissive.

After ending the call, Hayley took up her iPad and began looking for old news articles. Just as expected, she found an article dated two years back, a promotion article for Old Madam Presgrave’s 68th birthday celebration. The celebration was quite grand that year, and it was all over the news.

A look of hatred appeared in the depths of Hayley’s eyes. It was apparent that Anastasia would be attending as well.

Meanwhile, Anastasia had a serious lack of sleep last night. She felt sleepy as soon as she finished breakfast, and as she basked in the sunlight of the late fall, she began to nod off a little. After a slight nap, she heard footsteps, so she opened her eyes to see a smart figure getting close to her.

She immediately sat up and gazed at him, trying to look energized.

“How long did you stay up last night?” The man sat down beside her, a suggestive smile in his eyes.

He was a large part of the reason she lost sleep.

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