Chapter 1796 Prince William

“Didn’t William hire a famous doctor before?” asked Danrique.

“His Highness was poisoned three months ago and fell gravely ill. After a great deal of effort, we finally managed to hire a renowned doctor from Zarain. She was incredible. In two months, not only did she cure His Highness, but she also mentioned that there was a possibility of his legs making a recovery. After that, she had to return to Zarain to find some herbs, so His Highness arranged for her to take the royal cruise. And yet…”

Robin sighed.

“Are you talking about the cruise incident that happened a while ago in Lightspring?” Sean asked in shock.

“Indeed.” Robin nodded. “To avoid speculation, we had the media announce that the explosion had occurred inside a business cruise. It was actually the royal Danontand cruise.”


Sean turned to Danrique with a complicated look on his face.

Danrique fell into thought for a moment before suddenly asking, “Did the doctor William hired so happen to be Francesco?”


“Yes,” the butler answered softly. “Mr. Lindberg, please keep this – “


A charming voice suddenly interrupted Robin.

“Good day, Your Highness,” Robin immediately greeted after walking over.

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