Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 875 Why Does Alice Hate Her So Much?

"You hate me so much." Amber's voice was calm and emotionless.

Frowning, Jared stared at Alice. Obviously, he was displeased with Alice's hatred towards Amber.

This kind of hatred was really terrifying.

People who didn't know the truth might think that Amber had done something evil to Alice, such as killing Alice's parents.

After all, this kind of hatred had far exceeded the degree of hatred that should be caused by two trivial matters.

The grudge between Amber and Alice was not small, but it was absolutely not big.

Normally, Alice should hate Amber. After all, Amber had sent her to prison.

But her hatred couldn't be so strong.

It was the kind of hatred that would drive her to kill Amber.

There was actually no such hatred between Amber and Alice, but Alice hated Amber so much. Was it because Alice liked to magnify the hatred? Or was there any other reason?

Jared narrowed his long eyes and stared at Alice. No one knew what he was thinking about.

Amber didn't notice the change in the man's eyes when he looked at Alice. She calmly looked into Alice's eyes and said coldly, "look, you hate me so much that you even want to tear me into pieces! Speaking of this, I don't understand why you hate me so much."

While she was speaking, Amber reached out her hand and pinched Alice's chin again. Then she raised Alice's head hard to make Alice look at her. "We even didn't know each other before. If you hadn't suddenly appeared in front of my honey's car, we wouldn't have known each other for the rest of our lives, let alone have any intersection."

Hearing Amber's word "honey", Jared was immediately elated and stopped sitting lazily. He immediately put down his legs, sat up straight, and raised his chin slightly, looking complacent.

He looked so proud!

Amber had never introduced him to anyone as her honey since they had a relationship again.

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