Captivation Want Nothing But You

Chapter 402: Why Are You Crying

Rachel’s face was pale and ashen at the nurse’s words. Her eyes were dull and lifeless and she looked as if she was about to faint the next minute.

"I " Rachel felt a wave of pain flow through her.The kind of pain that hit her like a flood and as much as she tried she couldn’t block it out.It died down and left her hollow before surging up in her heart once more making her unable to breathe smoothly.Rachel moved her lips as she tried to say something, but the words were stuck in her throat.

"I’m fine." Her voice was hoarse and trembling when she finally got control of it.

She tried to calm herself down but it didn’t work.

"But you don’t look good, miss.How about I help you sit down?"

The nurse was worried about Rachel and was afraid that she was about to faint, so she reached out and held on to her.

Rachel moved away from the nurse’s reach quietly, but then accidentally she saw the clipboard in her hand.

The paper on the top was printed with the two words "Death Notice."

And just like that the unbearable pain was back.

Rachel opened her mouth slightly.Her eyes never left the two words and her mouth was dry once more.

After a long pause, she asked with difficulty, "Did he die in pain?"


The nurse only heard Rachel’s voice but her words were incomprehensible.

Following her gaze, she looked at the death notice in her hands.Seeing how devastated Rachel was, the nurse assumed that she was a family member of the dead and comforted her.

"Miss, please don’t let your grief control you.The dead are already gone.You must cheer up and move on with your life.He would have wanted that."

Rachel gripped her phone tightly and pinched the edges of the phone cover with her nails.She didn’t reply.She didn’t know how to.She didn’t even have an idea of what was wrong with her.She felt like bawling her eyes out, but at the same time, no tears came from them.Her mind had frozen over, and only the pain in her heart told her that everything was real.

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