Captivation Want Nothing But You

Chapter 403: Blow On It

Rachel raised her hand and gently touched her cheek when she heard this.

Only then did she realize she was crying.

Warm tears ran down the back of her hand.

Dazed and confused, she gazed down at the tears on the back of her palm.She didn’t even know when she began to cry.

Why was she crying? She didn’t understand at all.

"Mommy…" Joey looked at Rachel with a worried face.

Rachel regained her composure almost immediately and gazed into Joey’s eyes.She was able to calm herself down and placed her hand on Joey’s head.

"I’m okay.Sand got in my eye just now."


"Yes," Rachel replied casually.

She sensed that someone was staring at her.

It made her feel very conscious and she couldn’t ignore it at all.

Rachel knew that the man who fixed his gaze on her was none other than Victor.She gently placed her hand on Joey’s shoulder and bent her fingertips unconsciously.Her lashes slightly drooped, casting a faint shadow over her eyelids, and the outer corners of her eyes were still a mix of red and pink.

"Let me blow on it for you, Mommy."

Joey easily bought it and offered to help Rachel.He grabbed her hand and raised his head.

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