Billionaire's Reborn Baby

Chapter 932 You Know Each Other (1)

In the Haunted House, other than the creepy music, there were also skulls and dummies around. Janessa and Emma weren't scared. They even protected Stephanie and comforted her. "Don't be afraid, they are all fake."

Emily saw a man covered in blood dragging his legs and crying as he crawled in their direction, "Where are my legs? Where are my legs?"

Stephanie screamed in fear and kept retreating. She almost bumped Emma and was lifted by the guard with one hand.

"Thank you." Stephanie turned around and wanted to thank him, but the Haunted House was dark. She could not see the person who had picked her up. She only vaguely felt that there were people around her, but they were in the darkness, so she could not see their faces clearly.

"Emily! Help!" Stephanie shouted.

Emily was studying the red color on the man's body. She dipped a little on her finger and smelled it. It was not chicken blood, but red paint, which had a scent.

"Miss, have you seen my legs?" the man on the ground said as he dragged his broken legs.

Emily asked him, "What is the brand of this red paint?"

Everyone was lost for words.

After coming out of the Haunted House, everyone was fine. Only Stephanie was frightened. When she was about to come out, there was a headless man standing at the entrance of the cave, holding a skull in his hand. His voice came from his abdomen. "Where is my head? Did any of you see my head?"

Stephanie was not afraid at first, but the two eyeballs in the skull suddenly looked at her, and then the skull opened its mouth. Stephanie screamed and ran out.

This was the end of the Haunted House trip.

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