Chapter 856 Seek Justice

“Da*n it!” Helped to his feet by his subordinates, Kristoff wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. “Come, let’s go back quickly and tell my father that the draconic essence appeared, but Jared consumed it. It’s breaking news!”

When Kenneth saw that Kristoff had left, he didn’t tarry but likewise left with his entourage.

Meanwhile, Jared and the two girls followed Leviathan to the beach with the white wolf following from afar.

Jared was exceedingly grateful to the white wolf for saving Josephine and Lizbeth, but he couldn’t take it away from Dragon Island since it had adapted to life there.

The instant Josephine and Lizbeth spotted the white wolf, they crouched and beckoned at it.

Consequently, the white wolf trotted over as though it understood them and rubbed against them just like a docile wolfdog.

“Shall we bring him along with us?” Josephine inquired with her eyes pinned on Jared.

The white wolf also shifted its gaze at Jared, hope burning brightly in its eyes. From its expression, it wanted to leave this place as well.

Seeing that, Jared could only nod in agreement.


Josephine and Lizbeth were so ecstatic that they hugged the white wolf.

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